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Keep on Riding

Winter poses all kinds of obstacles and sometimes excuses for staying off the bike. However, braving it during the winter will make you a stronger rider in the spring. Here are tips for winter cycling from a few HRBike members:IMG_0104

Andy Nelius­ – If you are comfortable when you start your ride, you’ll be too hot later on. Don’t overdress. Take enough to drink…you will sweat even though it’s cold, so you’ll have to replenish lost fluids. Hands, head, toes, and neck need to be high priorities in keeping warm. Might need spare sweatband or gloves to change to later…amazing how even a little sweat makes your extremities really cold.
I have found that just the right amount of head insulation is a cut-off sleeve of a short-sleeved t-shirt: you pull it onto your head like a do-rag, except the top part lines up with the crown of your head so it lets your excess heat vent off.

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