Club officers are elected to one year terms. Newly elected officers take office January 1 of each year.

President, Dr. Hunter Norris

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Dr. Hunter Norris, President of the Highland Rim Bike Club lives in Tullahoma with his wife Amy and 2 toy fox terrier dogs Roscoe and Chaco. Hunter originally grew up in Chattanooga attending college at UT Knoxville, medical school at UT Memphis, followed by an eye surgery residency in Cincinnati, Ohio. He arrived in Tullahoma to work for the Eye Care Center in 1991. He has raised 6 children here locally thru the Tullahoma High School and the Webb School in Bell Buckle. He participated with them in Tullahoma Youth Soccer, Soap Box Derby, Little League Baseball and Softball.

Hunter Norris’ love of cycling originated even before adolescence as he always had a bike in the garage. More recently in middle age due to health problems he has rediscovered cycling as a way to reduce medications and improve his lupus condition. Since 2011 his physical fitness passion has evolved into participating in triathlons with over 56 Sprint, Olympic, and 5 Half Ironman events. He enjoys mentoring other athletes with similar interest in triathlons. In 2017 he completed the rigorous Kentucky Cycling Challenge completing 5 century rides over a 5 month period in different cities across the state of Kentucky.

Joining the Highland Rim Bike Club has been a natural fit for Hunter that has taken his cycling to the next level with the camaraderie of other riding enthusiasts as well as learning of new safer bike routes in our area. He has shown an interest also in the community service aspect of the club with organizing the Adopt-a-highway litter collection, Rotary Bike Donation program, and the Ride of Silence.

Secretary, Julia Harrison

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Julia Harrison, Secretary of the Highland Rim Bicycle Club, lives in Tullahoma with her husband, Tim, Treasurer of HRBike. Tim and Julia have two adult children who are both avid cyclists. Josh prefers, Mountain Biking and Tab, prefers Road Biking, but really the entire family likes cycling in any form. Julia grew up in Jasper, TN and remembers enjoying Sunday afternoon bike rides around town with her Aunt Mary and cousins as a teenager. Julia’s longest solo ride was the CRAM100 in May 2011. Her most memorable, a.k.a, most difficult ride was a seven day tour of the entire Natchez Trace on a tandem, recumbent trike with Tim in 2003. As secretary of HRBike, Julia has been involved in keeping the members informed, in keeping the community aware of our events and in leading rides for beginning cyclists. She is confident that cycling has helped her family stay strong and healthy. Julia says, “We meet some of the nicest people while out and about on our bikes.”

Treasurer, Tim Harrison

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Tim Harrison, Treasurer of the Highland Rim Bicycle Club, lives in Tullahoma with his wife, Julia, secretary of HRBike. Tim has loved cycling since childhood: he and his twin sister, Beth, rode their bikes all over where they grew up in Michigan. As newlyweds, Tim and Julia began cycling together and as the family grew their children, Josh and Tabitha, learned to love cycling too. Tim and Josh rode the Natchez Trace Parkway together when Josh was 16 years old. And, Tim and Tab rode together 200 miles in a day a few years ago on the Natchez Trace. Tim also rode the entire Natchez Trace with Julia on their trike in 2003.

Ride Captain, Denny Elston

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Denny Elston, Ride Captain of the Highland Rim Bicycle Club lives in Tullahoma with his wife, Joann. Denny is a strong cyclist and knows our neck of the woods; you would think he grew up here but he grew up in the mid-west. While on group rides he can change the route along the way at a moment’s notice. Of all the officers, Denny has been a member of the Highland Rim Bicycle Club the longest, where he has served in numerous capacities. Denny commands a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cycling, and we are honored that he is the Ride Captain for the Highland Rim Bicycle Club.