Find a Ride

Looking for an upcoming club ride? Or, maybe you’d like to find some folks to ride with that share similar likes and abilities? This is the place!

Locate a Ride Partner or Group

The Highland Rim Bicycle Club is quite a diverse group. We have folks as young as 12 and others well into their 70’s. Some like to slowly meander about taking in all the beautiful scenery Tennessee has to offer while others prefer to go at it a “little faster.” Whatever you ability or desire, in our club you should be able to find someone else you’d like to ride with.

To help you in your search here are a few folks feel free to contact. They have a history of helping and know other folks they can put you in contact with.

(Listed in no particular order.)

[Contact Joe via Email]
Joe Capezza
Joe leads the club’s Tuesday night social ride and loves the chance to meet and encourage folks new to cycling. Get in touch with Joe for your novice questions and concerns. He’s ridden his bike all over the world and knows all about fixing as well as riding bicycles.

[Contact Scott via Email]
Scott Byrom
Looking for that fast(er) group this is the guy to touch bases with. He regularly rides the club’s “Shoot Out” on Tuesday evenings. The “Shoot Out” is an all-out slugfest sure to excite your competitive nature. See Scott to inquire more about riding the “Shoot Out” and getting together with other faster paced cyclists.

Check with Scott if you’re also interested in mountain biking.

[Contact Julia via Email]
Julia Harrison (club Secretary)
Get in touch with Julia if you wanna find other cyclists that lean a little more toward smelling the roses than burning up the pavement. You might even find Julia leading a ride that ends at a favorite coffee shop in the area. She’s a serious rider but always keeps fun at the top of her list.

[Contact Dave via Email]
Dave Bond
Dave leads a group of mostly retired folks called The Over The Hill Gang (OTHG). They ride about 3x per week usually hitting every hill they can find in the area. All joking aside, Dave leads a great bunch of folks and would enjoy adding a few more to the crew.

[Contact Steve via Email]
Steve Garner
Steve has inspired a good many folks to get into cycling. A group he rides with frequently participates in centuries in and around Tennessee. He welcomes all comers and would be happy to put you in touch with others that share your interests.

Steve is another fella that can help you out if you’re interested in mountain biking.