The Ride of a Lifetime

He did it! HRBike member, Jim Herron, completed the 4,567 mi. trans-American bike trek on Fri., 20160808_152149Aug. 12, 2016! What emotion he must have felt as his feet hit the Pacific Ocean! Many of us have followed Jim’s travels in his blog, and we are thrilled that he will speak about the trip at the Fall HRBike meeting on Oct. 24. We asked Jim a few questions about the tour. Now, here’s Jim:

What inspired you to do this journey? I’ve wanted to do this ride since I did a week – long tour in college, but I was beginning to believe it would never happen. I quit riding 15 years ago to raise children & be with them by coaching their soccer teams. My physical health was deteriorating slowly & I had gained quite a bit of weight. Thanks to work changes for my wife (Christa) and me, the timing worked out perfectly. Something seemed to be screaming at me to do it now, or I might not ever be able to go. Continue reading

2016 ERV100 – August 28

The Elk River Valley 100 (ERV100) will be here in days! Geody and the gang have done a great 12891049_908607399236608_977370759249182513_ojob to assure that you will have a fun day on your bike. In addition to the great routes, food, and fun; the ERV100 has amazing S.W.A.G. (Stuff. We. All. Get.)

The ERV100 t-shirt and mug are fabulous! Both the “technical” Hincapie t-shirt and the shiny red mug are designed by Jason Schweitzer of Schweitzer, Inc.

Both Hincapie Sportswear and Schweitzer, Inc. are ERV100 sponsors, please see the list of other sponsors below. We are so grateful for their support. Please honor them with your business. Continue reading

What to Do After a Bicycle Crash in Middle TN

The vast majority of bicycle rides end without incident. But unfortunately, even the most experienced cyclist can be involved in a crash. Some of the best ways to prevent crashes are to follow local cycling laws.

In Tennessee, bicycles are considered vehicles, so cyclists are subject to all applicable rules of the road. You should obey traffic signs and signals, communicate upcoming turns and other actions using hand motions (when safe to do so), and equip the front of your bicycles with a white light visible at 500 feet and the rear with a red reflector/lamp visible from 50 feet away. The latter requirement is used to increase your visibility around motorists at night.

State law requires motorists to exercise due care around bicycles. They must keep at least three feet between the car and the cyclist when they pass, and even be careful when opening their car door. Continue reading