Keep Calm

How many times have you wished you could take it back?

  • The time you yelled at a car only to discover that you knew the driver. Blush Keep Calm and bike
  • That moment when you were so annoyed you made a gesture toward some good ole boys that got “too close for comfort,” only to run into them at your proposed rest stop. Yikes
  • Fluffy, is at it again chasing after you like there is no tomorrow. You threaten to spray her in the face if she keeps this up. This time the owner is on the porch and overhears your intentions for her baby. Ouch

Sometimes you just want to put your head down and ride into the sunset.

Yep, the car should have not followed you so close while you were going up the hill only to pass you at the top, and the pickup should have waited to pass and the dog owner should have kept their beloved pet under control and out of harms way, but we should keep our cool too.

I know, I know… my heart rate has also gone up to 250 at these moments…what can we do! These things don’t happen often, but when they do they can change a glorious day out on the bike into a long day in the saddle. So, take a second to count, take a deep breath, pray, whatever you do to calm down, and then deal with it.

Perhaps doing nothing and riding away is the answer or maybe you will have the opportunity to strike up a conversation with those fellas you run into at the store or your neighbor that passed you on the top of the hill and mention to them that when drivers treat a cyclist like they do other vehicles it is appreciated.

A cool head wins in all situations. So, keep a cool head and keep the rubber side down.