Re-Cycle Tullahoma

As discussed at our recent meeting, the club will be supporting a new initiative with Get Fit Tullahoma to encourage elementary and middle school students to use cycling as a viable alternative for transportation to school. Volunteer support is vital to ensure this program, Re-Cycle Tullahoma, is successful!

Whether you can be at every program meeting, or just one, it’s a chance to make a huge impact for cycling in our community. Mechanical savvy isn’t required, so this is a great opportunity to serve as a family. There will be food for volunteers, as well as water.

I will need at least nine volunteers each night to act as mentoring assistants, from 4:00 PM until 6:00 PM. We will be holding the workshop at East Middle School. If work interferes with your availability, don’t worry; show up when you can!

Please email me at with questions or to sign up! I can also be reached at 931-308-2723. Volunteers must provide Background Search information in order to fulfill requirements by the City of Tullahoma.

What: Re-Cycle Tullahoma Workshop
Where: East Middle School, Tullahoma
When: May 16, 23, 30, June 6
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Who: Anyone inspired to lend a helping hand

LeBron James – NBA superstar and a hero cyclist to many

Hey, folks, Steve Stone pointed me to this article from about a fella not usually associated with cycling but he is really making a difference in the lives of children because of his love of his bike. I hope you will enjoy this…find it inspirational… and contact Jessie Schwer to help her in her amazing effort to Re-Cycle Tullahoma by fixing up bikes and mentoring to children in our area. Enjoy the read…then call Jessie!

The following article is from


With apologies to true pro basketball fans, I can say I’ve never understood the NBA. It always seemed to me like a lot of posturing and one-man plays, grandstanding and not a whole lot of teamwork.

However what I’ve learned lately about superstar LeBron James has made me appreciate things in a whole new way. LeBron was selected by Sports Illustrated as its 2012 Sportsman of the Year, which is an award for his play on the basketball court and his brilliance in analyzing the game, obviously, but also (and more importantly in my opinion) for his numerous equally generous and thoughtful contributions to the community. And this especially rang true to to me in his work with disadvantaged youth, in which LeBron uses his love of bikes and bike culture as a good way to reach and motivate kids. Continue reading

Ride For Reading Donation Box Locations

Please donate nice, new or used books for our Ride for Reading event in Tullahoma at the following locations:

In Tullahoma:
  • Celtic Cup
  • Dr. Emadian’s Office
  • Janie’s Sewing Center
  • Dr. Petty’s Office
  • Dr. McBride-Tullahoma Vision Center
  • Southern Community Bank
  • Highland Hills Church of Christ
  • US Bank
  • Death Before Dishonor Tattoo Company
In Manchester:
  • Coffee Cafe in Manchester
  • US Banks

We will be delivering books to all 4 Tullahoma Elementary Schools during May. We hope you can join us for this wonderful opportunity to enhance literacy and cycling in our community.

Please let me, Julia,  know if you can help or if you have any questions