National Bike Month Celebrated in Tullahoma

May is National Bike Month in the U. S. Additionally, the month of May was proclaimed as Bike Month in Tullahoma by images-1Mayor Curlee in an effort to make the citizens of our city aware of the benefits of cycling. Studies show that cycling helps the environment, keeps people healthy and promotes the economy.

During Bike Month, the Highland Rim Bicycle Club, based in Tullahoma, TN, invited the public to several bike related events: Ride for Reading, where books were delivered to elementary age children to promote reading, cycling and good health; the Ride of Silence, a memorial ride for those injured or killed while cycling; the Ride to School Day, to encourage children to ride their bikes to school; and the Ride to Work Day, to promote commuting to work. Other events this year were: Retro-Ride 2014, sponsored by The Celtic Cup, where cyclists rode vintage bikes on a 22-mile route and enjoyed food and fun at The Celtic Cup; and Re-Cycle Tullahoma Initiative (Get-Fit Tullahoma) where club members helped middle school children rebuild a bike for their personal use. All these events were an attempt to make our area more bicycle-friendly. Continue reading

Retro Ride 2014

Bike Month has been awesome this year! We’ve joined forces with Ride for Reading and delivered books on bikes, we RetroRide2014helped kids to get to school on bikes for Ride to School Day, we fixed bikes for kids to ride to school in our new Re-Cycle Tullahoma project, we rode with millions of cyclists around the world in the Ride of Silence, and we promoted Ride to Work Week. We have one more unique event you will not want to miss…the 2014 Retro Ride, Saturday, May 24, 8 am, Celtic Cup Coffee House, 106 N. Anderson, Tullahoma, TN

So, clean the cobwebs off that vintage bike you have in the corner of your garage or just ride the bike you like to ride now, and join the Highland Rim Bicycle Club as we take a nice social tour to Woods Reservoir beginning and ending at The Celtic Cup. Even get your “joe” before the ride as well as your lunch afterward at a 22% discount for all participants. The ride will be 22 miles long, a very social pace of 9-12 mph average.

Thanks to Chris Calatrello for organizing this event.

Ride for Reading Schedule and Donation Box Locations

rfrgraphicPlease join us as we deliver books via our bikes to the 4 Tullahoma elementary schools. All rides will leave from Old West Middle, 301 W. Decherd St., Tullahoma, TN. All rides are less than 5 miles in length and will have police escort. Cyclists will ride as a group, the speed of the slowest rider.

  • Friday, May 2, Delivery to East Lincoln, arrive at Old West Middle at noon, in route at 12:45
  • Thursday, May 8, Delivery to Farrar, arrive at Old West Middle at noon, in route at 12:45
  • Friday, May 16, Delivery to Bel-Aire, arrive at Old West Middle at noon, in route at 12:45
  • Friday, May 23, Delivery to Robert E. Lee, arrive at Old West Middle at 11:30, in route at 12:30

Check List:

  • Bring your own bike in road ready condition
  • Bring a backpack or other means of carrying books
  • Wear your helmet, it is manditory
  • Sign a waiver before the ride (available at Old West Middle the day of the event)

Please check here for updates related to our upcoming Ride for Reading events. 

Please donate nice, new or used books for our Ride for Reading event in Tullahoma at the following locations:

In Tullahoma: