Tips for Riding Smart and Safe in a Group

Riding in a group is beneficial in many ways, here are some of the many tips we have learned at Monday night Ride Clinics with George Powell.

• Look Ahead-Focus your attention on what is in front of you, do not look at those you are talking torideClinic

• DO NOT OVERLAP your front wheel-If it hits the cyclist in front, you WILL go down. Give yourself room to maneuver, approximately 18 to 24 inches from the cyclist in front of you.

• Be Predictable-Keep your line, don’t brake or speed up suddenly

• Communicate-Clearly indicate what you plan to do by speaking and pointing, Also communicate hazards: cars, dogs, potholes, debris

• Pedal Smoothly-You will conserve your energy

If you would like to learn more, please join George Powell for Ride Clinics on Monday nights at 5:00 at the Beechcraft Museum entrance, weather permitting of course. Contact Tim Harrison if you would like to be on this mailing list.

Highland Rim Cyclists are Making Headlines

In July, the Tullahoma News published two feature articles about some of our club members: Jason and Asher Redd, Joe Capezza and Rick Orzino. Please click on the links to the Tullahoma News to enjoy these articles on-line. We are so proud of you all! We also want to thank the local paper for covering cycling in such an awesome way.

On Memorial Day weekend, Asher and his father, Jason, took part in a one-day, 100-mile bicycle ride that started in Alabama and ended in Georgia. Read more about it in The Tullahoma News…

Joe Capezza, 72, and Rick Orzino, 69, represented Franklin County last month in the state finals of the Tennessee Senior Olympics. Read more about it in The Tullahoma News…

National Bike Month Celebrated in Tullahoma

May is National Bike Month in the U. S. Additionally, the month of May was proclaimed as Bike Month in Tullahoma by images-1Mayor Curlee in an effort to make the citizens of our city aware of the benefits of cycling. Studies show that cycling helps the environment, keeps people healthy and promotes the economy.

During Bike Month, the Highland Rim Bicycle Club, based in Tullahoma, TN, invited the public to several bike related events: Ride for Reading, where books were delivered to elementary age children to promote reading, cycling and good health; the Ride of Silence, a memorial ride for those injured or killed while cycling; the Ride to School Day, to encourage children to ride their bikes to school; and the Ride to Work Day, to promote commuting to work. Other events this year were: Retro-Ride 2014, sponsored by The Celtic Cup, where cyclists rode vintage bikes on a 22-mile route and enjoyed food and fun at The Celtic Cup; and Re-Cycle Tullahoma Initiative (Get-Fit Tullahoma) where club members helped middle school children rebuild a bike for their personal use. All these events were an attempt to make our area more bicycle-friendly. Continue reading