Bike Month has been filled with discoveries for me. So, what did you discover? Did you learn that you could actually ride up that mountain not just once but twice! Did you
achieve your mileage goal for the month? Did you discover new products that are awesome? Here is a list a few things I learned this month. Victory with bike

  • Riding rather than driving to run errands is a really great way to do some interval work. One day we logged over 30 miles running errands; I was a hungry girl that night.
  • Averaging 100 miles each week is possible. Even with the fluctuations in weather this May.  I did have to use the indoor trainer a few times to insure my goal.
  • A great way to give a gift of really anything is Gift Rocket. This really cool discovery came to me on Mother’s Day. (Thanks, Josh) Gift Rocket is a great way to buy gifts online. There are zillions of things you can purchase with the card. I highly recommend purchasing this type of online gift-card. I sure had fun using mine a few times for a burgers from London’s.
  • Using a red taillight is a great safety feature. You can see these little beacons for miles. Seriously! Affordable…Lifesaving…Bright… Here are some reviews for you to choose the one that is best for you.  and
  • Wearing a Road ID may be your most important item of clothing while cycling. After an incident with a dog, the police asked for Tim’s ID. No license, but he did have his Road ID. It was all they needed. Stop reading now and go order you one or two, use this link: Also, Road ID has great cycling tips:

I hope 2015 Bike Month as whetted your appetite to make more cycling goals for yourself and your family. Perhaps you have already set goals for the rest of the summer.  If not here is a challenge for you – keep riding and getting stronger and join us for the ERV100 on September 12. This year’s event is shaping up to be the best ever…you will want to get in on the fun. Registration is open at  Oh, and get your friends to sign up for the erv100 too. The more the merrier!

Speaking of friends, most of my discoveries happened due to riding with members of the Highland Rim Bicycle Club. If you are not riding with us yet, please come on out and ride with us soon.

Congratulations on your discoveries during 2015 Bike Month. There will be no stopping you now!

May is Bike Month

Is your bike ready for a great month of bike riding? I hope so. There are many opportunities for all lengths and types of rides this month. I hope you challenge yourself to get out and ride as often as possible.

A great place to start is riding your bike to do a few errands. Transportation equals recreation images-1when you are on a bike. Seriously, the miles will add up, your legs get stronger, your weight gets lighter and you are doing something fun and good for the environment.

The Highland Rim Bicycle Club has several things in store to celebrate May being Bike Month, but I would like to encourage you to set yourself a personal goal to ride more and enjoy this beautiful time of year and the gorgeous place we live.

Dates to know:

  • May 6: Ride to School Day
  • May 8: Adopt-a-Highway
  • May 9: Wheels in Motion Bike Parade
  • May 11-15: Bike to Work Week
  • May 15: Bike to Work Day
  • May 20: Ride of Silence

For more on events and club rides, please see the calendar page on this website.


After our rough winter, the roadways are pock-marked with POTHOLES. Word to the Wise:  Look for NEW potholes even on the roads you are accustomed to riding and learn how to safety avoid them while riding alone or in a group.

In a recent bike safety class, we learned several practical tips on how to do “Hazard Avoidance Maneuvers.” I can almost hear you saying, “What are Hazard Avoidance Maneuvers?” In the Smart Cycling Traffic Skills 101 class taught by club member Andy Nelius (League of American Bicyclists Instructor), we learned how to do several maneuvers to help us be better cyclists: the Rock Dodge, the Quick Stop, Avoidance Weave and Instant Turn.

Mastering the Avoidance Weave and the Rock Dodge could keep you from falling into the abyss, that is a pothole. Please watch the following video to see how the “rock dodge” is done. This maneuver will help you avoid any small object in the road.

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