After our rough winter, the roadways are pock-marked with POTHOLES. Word to the Wise:  Look for NEW potholes even on the roads you are accustomed to riding and learn how to safety avoid them while riding alone or in a group.

In a recent bike safety class, we learned several practical tips on how to do “Hazard Avoidance Maneuvers.” I can almost hear you saying, “What are Hazard Avoidance Maneuvers?” In the Smart Cycling Traffic Skills 101 class taught by club member Andy Nelius (League of American Bicyclists Instructor), we learned how to do several maneuvers to help us be better cyclists: the Rock Dodge, the Quick Stop, Avoidance Weave and Instant Turn.

Mastering the Avoidance Weave and the Rock Dodge could keep you from falling into the abyss, that is a pothole. Please watch the following video to see how the “rock dodge” is done. This maneuver will help you avoid any small object in the road.

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Keep Calm

How many times have you wished you could take it back?

  • The time you yelled at a car only to discover that you knew the driver. Blush Keep Calm and bike
  • That moment when you were so annoyed you made a gesture toward some good ole boys that got “too close for comfort,” only to run into them at your proposed rest stop. Yikes
  • Fluffy, is at it again chasing after you like there is no tomorrow. You threaten to spray her in the face if she keeps this up. This time the owner is on the porch and overhears your intentions for her baby. Ouch

Sometimes you just want to put your head down and ride into the sunset.

Yep, the car should have not followed you so close while you were going up the hill only to pass you at the top, and the pickup should have waited to pass and the dog owner should have kept their beloved pet under control and out of harms way, but we should keep our cool too.

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Time Marches On

2015 has arrived! With the start of a brand new year, we hope you are well, happy and enjoying time on your bike. Some cyclists may be dreaming of getting to try out the new gizmo they got from Santa while others may be dreaming of reaching their goal of logging miles or dreaming of improved health and wellness due to riding their bike. No matter your dreams for 2015, we hope you will join us for as many rides and other events as possible this coming year.

Here are few things that will be happening soon:

Jersey Ordering Cycling Clothing Order-we have gone from a simple jersey order to offering all kinds of cycling clothing. Please check out the shopping cart on the website to see the cool kits and order yourself something special for 2015. The cart will be open from January 1 to January 15, 2015.

Bike Club Meeting-the first club meeting of 2015 will be Monday, January 19. At this meeting we’ll have our 2015 membership drive, a slide show highlighting events of 2014, and a preview of 2015 happenings. Please join us for the meeting at 6:00 pm at Highland Hills Church of Christ in Tullahoma. After the meeting we will adjourn to Casa Mexico for dinner together.

Please remember you can renew your membership right now on the website…you do not have to wait until the meeting. Continue reading