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What to Do After a Bicycle Crash in Middle TN

The vast majority of bicycle rides end without incident. But unfortunately, even the most experienced cyclist can be involved in a crash. Some of the best ways to prevent crashes are to follow local cycling laws.

In Tennessee, bicycles are considered vehicles, so cyclists are subject to all applicable rules of the road. You should obey traffic signs and signals, communicate upcoming turns and other actions using hand motions (when safe to do so), and equip the front of your bicycles with a white light visible at 500 feet and the rear with a red reflector/lamp visible from 50 feet away. The latter requirement is used to increase your visibility around motorists at night.

State law requires motorists to exercise due care around bicycles. They must keep at least three feet between the car and the cyclist when they pass, and even be careful when opening their car door. Continue reading

Bob Crook Recognized for Special Contribution to HRBike

At the Spring Bike Club meeting on Thur. April 21, we recognized Bob Crook for his years of dedication to Highland Rim Bicycle Club and local cycling events. 

Presentation of the BOB.

Presentation of the BOB.

Ken & Debbie Gamache put together a lovely evening complete with the presentation of a book they created called “The Book of Bob” (BOB). The BOB contains memories and/or pictures submitted by Bob’s cycling friends. A surprise party was held for Bob after the club meeting, a day before his 80th birthday. Click this link to download a PDF copy of Book of BOB.

Happy 80th Bob and thanks for the memories.

Journey of a Lifetime

For HRBike member, Jim Herron, the journey of 4,600 miles begins with a pedal stroke. Jim has been dreaming of a trek across the US via bike for years and now it has become a reality! IMG_0700On a recent club ride we got to talk to Jim at the top of Alto, (Jim is in the Yellow jersey in the photo). He was training with an extra 50# of barbell weights on his bike that day!

Please enjoy the ride details in the following letter from Jim:

I rented a van and will drive up 3/30-31. I start 4/1 at the Yorktown Victory Monument in Yorktown, VA, the conventional start of the TransAm ride on Adventure Cycling Association maps. I’m unsupported and riding solo even though I have already connected with several fellow cyclists that will be on the route. I hope to ride the standard route to Missoula, MT. Continue reading